by Akira Rabelais

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"He may not be one of the most prolific electronic composers currently out there, nor one of the best known, but whether as a solo artist, software designer or as a collaborator with Bjork, David Sylvian or Harold Budd, Los Angeles-based musician Akira Rabelais is one of the very brightest stars in the field - and speaking of stars, this hour long piece of music was edited from location recordings made between Betty Grable's and Rod Serling's stars on the Walk of Fame on Hollywood Boulevard. Fragments from a variety of dislocated strands come together: snatches of dialogue, all manner of incidentally intersecting live, the bustle of tourists and passing traffic all come together, with regular wafts of music clashing and intermingling between shops and car stereos. There are no tricks or fancy editing techniques here, just a patient craftsmanship, letting you into a subtly manipulated reality, and the power of Rabelais' piece is vividly evocative." - Boomkat


released April 7, 2008



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Akira Rabelais Los Angeles, California

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